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Sjøholt, the natural gem

Sjøholt is a natural gem in Sunnmøre. The centre is surrounded by spectacular mountains and has a terrific view of the Storfjord. Sjøholt is located in between Ålesund and Molde, in the Møre og Romsdal county. From here it is a short trip to other known tourist destinations such as Trollstigen, Trollveggen, Valldal, Geiranger, Atlanterhavsveien, and Runde. Therefore, Sjøholt is a very convenient place on the road to stop, and a great basis to go from fjords to mountains via the known Postvei.

The whole year around the Sjøholt area offers recreation and experiences in a rich and varied nature. In the summer you can find fine bathing places next to the sea and many hiking routes. In the winter you can take the trip to Ørskogfjellet ski centre or enjoy yourself in snow covered nature. Stikk UT! presents well marked paths for hiking trips in the area, both short hikes in forests and more craving hikes to mountain peeks. We also offer local guides on request. Sjøholt has enough untouched terrain for those who like to explore on their own.

Sjøholt has a camping, a marina for small boats and a tourist office. The village offers numerous unique food stores and places to eat. You can also find a thrift store, wood shop, post office, bank and gas station in Sjøholt.

Post Road

“Den Trondhjemske postvei” was a connecting road between Bergen and Trondheim, which was used to deliver mail once a week. The road came after a royal resolution from 1785. It was worked on from 1787 and continued into the 1800s. In Ørskog the road goes from Amdam to the parsonage, up to Landedalen, over Ørskogsfjellet and further down to Skorgedalen. The road is partly marked.

The church in Sjøholt

Ørskog church, also called Storfjords Cathedral, is idyllically situated in the centre of Sjøholt near the fjord. The church was built in 1873 and can hold 600 people. The church has fine, large stained glass windows and is definitely worth a visit.

Sjøholt Hotel

Sjøholt hotel opened in 1887. Unfortunately, the hotel burned down in 1900. One year later the hotel was rebuilt; and that striking building still stands as it stood back in the day. The hotel has had many royal visitors like the King of Norway, Queen Wilhelmina from the Netherlands and Kaiser Wilhelm from Germany. Presently, the hotel is not being used as such, but it is a stately and protected building you must see. The current owner is the great-grandchild of the man who rebuilt the hotel in 1901.

Ørskog costume

Ørskog costume or “bunad”, in black or blue, is the most widespread bunad in Sunnmøre and is used in most of the towns. The Ørskogbunad got its name after an old apron from ca. 1850 was found in Ørskog. The bunad is also called Sunnmørsbunad or Märthabunaden. Crown Princess Märtha got one as a wedding present in 1929.

The river path

The river path Elvastien is a hiking path alongside the Ørskogriver. Elvastien has fishing spots, a small shelter, places for grilling and campfires and exciting wooden statues which are popular with children. The path is suitable for the whole family. One can park next to the church.